Why doing this? Because my aim is to prove how small the world has become thanks to twitter. I would like to simulate the loss of a friend, Michelle Situ, and see how long it will take me to find her back. If you know her, please tell her to email me as soon as possible, so that the experiment is finished. In order to find her, please don't use google, nor facebook or such a social network. Only twitter, twitter and twitter. Don't use any matchmaking website on which she doesn't have any profile anyway (well... not that I am aware of! :-p). The aim is that as many people as possible see this tweet, so that someone who knows her will end the experience.

If we can, altogether, find her through that wonderful tool, then we'll have proved to the world that it is possible to find back a friend you haven't seen for a long time only using twitter and 2 data: name and picture.We'll have proved the huge possibilities that twitter offers us. We'll have proved that anyone can find anyone using twitter, ie 140 caracters.

However i firmly ask you not to cheat: she knows everything about this experiment and she will declare the end of the experiment only once we find her without cheating.

So please, help me participating to the great twitter experiment. Let's show what our community is able of. Let's find back Michelle Situ, the one that lives in Los Angeles, California.

I will of course let you know how the experiment is doing, using this blog and my twitter account. I will also publish here the (nick)names of thoses who help me by using twitter.

Thank you by advance.

Nicolas NOEL.

EDIT: Thank you Lovny for being the first person taking part to the experiment. Lovny's Blog.